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Wow, this is the perfect solution for out of season clothing for full time RVers. Who can fit coats in your indoor closet in the summer or sun bathing ware in the winter. Or maybe your hunting or outdoor wear. Want this! Of course you need a big enough outdoor cabinet...oh well, maybe on the next RV. :)
Tis the season for the southern flannel moth caterpillar. While this caterpillar doesn't yet float like a butterfly, it does sting a bit like a bee, and San Antonians can now expect to see it popping up in trees and bushes. This particular caterpillar injects a venom as a defense mechanism using its hollow-like hairs. However they are not predatory creatures and inject venom when they feel threatened. Found in trees and woody bushes, they'll soon vanish as cooler temps reign.
There are lots of steps to winterizing your RV but here are 3 short tips. Please share another tip you feel is vital in the comments. 1. Keep your battery at full charge (a discharged battery will freeze faster than a fully charged one.) Recharge when at 12V. 2. Keep generator & fuel tanks full. Use fuel stabilizer and make sure to run engine till stabilizer gets through the system. 3. Fresh oil change before winterizing is always a good idea.
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