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We just started rock painting at Hidden Valley RV Park. Many rock artists choose to "hide" their rocks for others to find hoping to bring a smile to their day. The finder may keep the rock or re-hide it but the idea is to take a quick photo and post it on our parks' group page Hidden Valley RV Rocks with the #hiddenvalleyrocks. Then the artist can follow the history of the creation. Here's the first rock posted as found today...a whole state away. So exciting. #hiddenvalleyrocks
Found this nice infographic about Camping With Your Pet. Most RVers are already experts at this but here are always new RVers who want to know even the basics about how to keep their pets happy. Any other pet travel tips you'd like to add to help us? #HiddenValleyRVPark #campingwithpets
Guacamole isn't a new invention, though -- it actually dates back to the 16th century and was invented by Aztecs. The Aztec name guacamole translates to avocado sauce (mole means sauce), and in case you were wondering, it's pronounced wakamole in Spanish. I'll be glad to test your guacamole skills. Just bring a small bowl over to the Trading Post on Saturday afternoon. :) Feek free to post or link to your recipe in the comments.
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