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RV Trip Tip #5. Know your electrical load. Running everything at once will cut the power. Sometimes you may have to switch off the air conditioner to cook breakfast. Simplified: if your RV is 50 amp, as the appliances you're using at one time add up to near 50 amps- something's got to give. A related tip...get a power surge protector. It will let you know if the parks electrical is safe or if it could harm your appliances. A refrigerator is the most expensive appliance in the RV (over $2000 if you have it installed) Replacing one of those would sure help you remember THAT trip.
RV Trip Tip #9. Check weather and road conditions, and change your route or delay part of the trip if necessary. At your destination, be prepared for bad weather by watching weather forecasts and asking your park for emergency exit info and possible dangers (flood, hurricane, tornado.) Never leave your RV with the awning extended unless you are sure of the weather during your absence. Wind gusts tend to be unexpected and will remove your awning in seconds. #RVtips
RV Trip Tip #4. Purchase RV insurance. No matter how well-maintained your RV is, accidents and emergencies can happen. Ask lots of questions when choosing an insurance company. Legally you just need liability but think about how you'll be traveling (full time, weekends, summer vacations or living in your RV in one stable location.) Do you want insurance that will cover repairs or just accidents. Some policies only cover an trailer if it's attached to the tow vehicle. Lots to think about.
RV Trip Tip #2: Create a timeline. Try to figure out how much you want to drive each day and which sights you want to see, so you can be sure to have time for all of them. I follow the 330 Rule. Max of 330 miles per day and stop at 3:30 no matter where you are. (Wanna make time for that relaxing cocktail or cold brew) Watch for tomorrow'$ tip.
Want a hiking/biking trail that's quiet and under the radar, so to speak...The Medina River Natural Area, 15890 Highway 16 South, provides access to the 511-acre property with 7 miles of trails. Truly a hidden gem and only a few minutes from Hidden Valley RV Park
RV Trip Tip #11: If you travel with pets remember to pack and plan for them too. Include medications/prescriptions, favorite toy, bed, poof or blanket, current vaccination records, emergency first aid kit, food and water plus bowls, treats, mutt mitts or pickup bags, collar and leash, etc. Have a photo of your pet on your phone in case they become lost. #RVtips
RV Trip Tip #8. Manage your RV’s weight. Check it at a commercial truck weigh station, and if it’s over the legal and recommended weight, start unloading what you don’t need. As you buy things and pack things in the RV, keep in mind the weight factor whether it's a set of dishes or a piece of furniture...every little bit counts. #RVtips
Gonzalez County has seen the most rain this morning! Take a look at rain totals over the past six hours! In fact there could be some minor f...
RV awning alert: We may see some rain today and for the next few days. San Antonio is on the far left off of the map but it looks like it's coming. So, if you're leaving Hidden Valley RV Park to tour or visit SA, remember to roll in your awning just in case. Enjoy the showers, we haven't seen them for quite some time. :)
RV Trip Tip #10: Store photos (on your smartphone, hard copies, or both) of IDs, credit cards, prescriptions, pet records and passports in case those items are lost. You can just take a photo of them or download a scanning app. Dropbox is another option if you already have it. #RVtips
RV Trip Tips #1: Outline your route. Even if you want to take spontaneous side trips, it’s good to have an idea of where you’ll be. Joe and Sue, friends heading to our neck of the woods, have made this basic map that gets revisions as they travel. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip, it's one of my firm trip rules. :)
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